1. Initial visual and physical inspection 2. Digital and thermographic photography
â–º Photographic evidence of roof defects
â–º Roof core extractions to determine roof composition
â–º Identification of key vantage points
â–º Daytime digital photography
â–º Night-time thermographic images
3. Verification of roof data 4. Roof plan drawings and U-value calculations
â–º Core samples taken to verify thermographic data
â–º Moisture probe readings in all suspect areas
â–º Full diagnostic of roof condition visually presented
â–º Areas of entrapped moisture clearly identified
5. Comprehensive roof survey report produced, detailing all findings
Thermographic Photo Once the survey has been completed, decisions can be made based on the findings. A number of remedial solutions may be considered within your budget, and IKO will effectively utilise all of the gathered information to form either a 10, 15 or 20 year specification guarantee option, giving full roofing peace of mind.
â–º Analysis of existing roof construction
â–º Identification of areas of entrapped moisture and probable causes
IKO recommended solution with full budget costings
â–º KO recommendations & specifications