The sudden appearance of potholes in road surfacing, especially tarmac overlays can result in the highway engineer’s staff having to activate a high pressure repair programme. These schemes need to be initiated, designed, procured and constructed in a very tight time frame in order to minimise disruption to the general public.

The Permatrack system is rapidly installed, minimising disruption, inconvenience to road users, and traffic management requirements. Suitable for emergency repairs to small isolated pot holes as well as larger delaminated areas. Ideal for very high stress areas such as bus stops, pull in for HGV’s or areas with severe sub-base problems.

Permatrack arrives on site in a ready mixed state. The defective area is removed by cold milling or for smaller areas by normal hand tool methods. The Permatrack repair material is levelled into place with the traffic allowed to pass over the area within 2 hours.

Permatrack can also be used for a wide variety of road repair purposes, including transitional joints where railway lines are set within road surfacing, expansion joint details and for reinstatement of street iron works and shoulders.

Features and Benefits
  • Minimum depth of repair 40mm
  • No maximum depth limitations
  • Thin wearing layers are repaired without the need for large patch removal
  • Rut resistance @ 50°C 3mm/hr
  • Skid resistance is a variable dependant on surface anti-skid used. Typical range 61-99
  • Long service life expectancy in most situations including high shear, standing traffic areas
  • In use since 1994 on some of the most demanding situations