Permatrack Inlaid Crack Repair System is a rapidly installed repair for reflective cracking in tarmac or concrete paving. Designed to withstand the heaviest traffic conditions, (including aircraft turning, heavyweight road lorries, tracked vehicles and heavy standing loads) Permatrack H will provide a long term solution to reflective cracking.


Permatrack H is a structurally enhanced material that supports the adjacent wearing surfaces, and is able to accommodate movement within the substrate. The impervious nature of the product also protects the substrate from deterioration caused by moisture and de-icing salts.

Anti-skid properties of the finished installation meet the highest Highways Agency specifications and surface finishes are available in a wide variety of options to match adjacent road surfaces.

Features and Benefits
  • Versatile/waterproof inlaid crack repair system
  • BBA HAPAS approved product (certificate 02/H072)
  • Unlimited repair width and depth
  • Rapid installation – reducing delays on site and inconvenience to road users
  • Long term durability – even in heavily trafficked road conditions
  • Surface finishes to match a variety of road types and skid resistance requirements
  • Cost effective installation
  • High bond strength to substrate
  • Accommodates differential/substrate movement