Unreinforced asphalt overlays can be susceptible to refSAMIlective cracking caused primarily by inherent weaknesses in the underlying substrate. If newly laid asphalt is subjected to horizontal tensile forces, it may fracture and allow water and saline solution penetration, causing rapid deterioration of the asphalt surface.

Permatrack S.A.M.I Joint is a hot applied blend of modified bitumen compounds and fillers, incorporated with a high tensile glass fibre grid reinforcement membrane. It is specifically designed to reduce the high stresses that cause reflective cracking from the existing road base, in a new road surfacing.

Permatrack Samiband is a pre-formed strip of specially formulated polymer modified bitumen and fillers, incorporated with a high tensile reinforcing grid, supplied in an easy to use roll.


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IKO Permatrack PSB MSDS

IKO Permatrack H MSDS

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IKO Permatrack Brochure 2014