Ascoroute PMMA is the world’s most recognised brand of high quality, solvent-free methacrylate resins for the use as a binder in durable road and zone marking compound.

PMMA Killcommon



Benefits of using Ascoroute System

  • Totally UV Resistant
  • Fast curing even at low temperatures
  • Extremely high wear resistance vs. Epoxy/Thermoplastic systems and wont crack
  • Exceptionally good adhesion when re-coating without the need to remove the existing
  • Flexible and take road movements

Health & Safety Benefits of using Ascoroute System

  • Totally VOC & Solvent free
  • Cold applied absolutely no heat or flame requires
  • The option to add glass beads for improved night and inclement weather conditions
  • Resistant to diesel, oil, Petrol, acid, caustics and various chemicals
  • Simple application that can be applied locally by the government or by IKO registered installer