Ultimate Performance Torch-Applied Cap Sheet and Detailing Membrane
UPXL Torch-On Cap Sheets represents the ultimate in reinforced bitumen membrane technology. They have been specially developed to deliver outstanding aesthetics, whilst offering unrivalled long-term waterproofing performance and laying characteristics.  
UPXL T-O Cap Sheets are heavyweight, robust membranes with a granular finish on the top surface and a flame dispersible film on the reverse side. They are used as the main field sheet cap sheet on UPXL Guardian and Torch-On specifications.
These membranes utilise an optimised SBS modified coating to give enhanced flexibility, durability and overall workability. The base fabric is a graphite coated 330 g/m² polyester/glass fibre laminate, providing optimum strength, flexibility, dimensional stability and fire performance.
UPXL T-O Detailing Cap Sheets are complementary, high performance membranes that are ideal for forming typical details on UPXL roofing specifications. They have a granular finish on the top surface and are finished on the reverse side with a flame-dispersible film. The base fabric is a 230 g/m² polyester/glass fibre laminate, providing excellent strength, flexibility and dimensional stability.
Features and Benefits
  • Optimum SBS polymer content for unrivalled flexibility and workability
  • PrevENt graphite firewall technology - highest UK fire performance
  • Highly stable polyester/glass fibre laminate base fabrics
  • Exceptional mechanical strength and dimensional stability
  • Built-in anti-root formulation – ideal for use under green roofs
  • Comprehensive guarantees available covering materials, workmanship and design
  • ONLY ever installed by ACCESSIKO Approved Contractors


Technical Datasheets

UPXL Torch on Cap Sheets TDS