High Performance Self-Adhesive Underlays 
UPXL S-A Underlay is an elastomeric self-adhesive underlayer for use with UPXL Torch-On and Torch-Free Systems. It incorporates a robust polyester reinforcement for greater strength and durability, and is coated with SBS modified bitumen. The product has a release film backing and has a fine red granular finish on the upper surface that offers enhanced durability, aesthetics and grip on-site.
Systems S-A Detailing Underlay is a high performance self-adhesive detailing underlay for use in UPXL systems that require torch-free application. It consists of a high performance polyester base coated with SBS self-adhesive modified bitumen. The top surface has a smooth film finish which is suitable to receive the subsequent cap sheet and the lower surface has a removable release film protecting the self-adhesive coating.
Features and Benefits
  • Individual options for main field areas and torch-free detailing
  • High SBS polymer content for exceptional flexibility and workability
  • Highly tensile polyester base fabrics
  • Excellent resistance to foot traffic and other on-site damage
  • Prevents penetration of water vapour and potential damage to roof during construction


Technical Data Sheets

UPXL-System Underlays TDS

Health & Safety Data

Bituminous Membranes - MSDS