IKO Polimar CRS is a single component, cold-applied liquid system, designed for rejuvenation and refurbishment of plastic coated external cladding of your walls & roofs.

Available as a 10 year designed solution, IKO Polimar CRS is a solvent based; moisture cured flexible polyurethane coating based on a unique blend of aliphatic resins reinforced with colour stable and chemical resistant pigments.


IKO Polimar CRS is used on the roofs & walls of many large & complex buildings: factory, warehouse, commercial, leisure & retail facilities.

Features and Benefits:
 Economical10 year system gurarantee
Simple, easy to apply systemColour choice & durable finish
Excellent colour stabilityCan be applied at T° down to 0°C
Does not chalk on ageing Metallic finish now available 
Any BS 4800 or RAL ColourCorus Colorcoat HP 200 approved
High performance waterproofing coating Single coat application cases



IKO Polimar CRS has been developed to provide a tough, durable finish with excellent erosion, weather and UV resistance. IKO Polimar CRS can be colour matched to existing roof system, or to reinforce the company's brand identity.