IKO protect Metatec Roof

Metatec 500 is a high-performance and flexible two- component coating on the basis of methacrylates, that cures when mixed with the correct amount of hardener powder. Next to an exceptionally fast curing, this coating is also characterized by a rapid installation, since the second layer can be applied wet-on-wet on the first layer.
Metafleece 110 is a reinforcing membrane in polyester with a density of 110 g/m². This membrane is rolled out and pressed into the still-wet Metatec 500 layer, and ensures the strength, point load and stability of the system on a level substrate. The reinforcing membrane must always be completely embedded into the Metatec 500 layer.
Since Metatec Roof is resistant to water stagnation and pressure, this system is highly suited for (roof) ponds.


Can be subjected to foot traffic.
xceptionally fast installation and curing.
Resistant to continuous water stagnation and pressure.
10 year insured warranty upon request.