IKO protect Teknotan EC/UV

Teknotan EC is a high performance, single-component coating on the basis of polyurethane, which forms the first layer of the IKO protect Teknotan EC/UV waterproofing system. It is characterised by its high adhesive tack on most substrates. This coating is manufactured in black, making it visually distinguishable from Teknotan UV, which forms the top layer of the system.

Teknofleece is a reinforcing membrane made from fibre glass, and is available in two densities: 100 g/m² and 225 g/m². This reinforcing membrane is rolled out and pressed into the still-wet Teknotan EC layer, and ensures the strength, point load and stability of the system on a level substrate. The reinforcing membrane must always be completely embedded into the Teknotan EC layer.

Teknotan UV is a high performance, single-component coating on the basis of aliphatic polyurethane displaying excellent thermal stability and UV radiation resistance in all climatic zones, which has a positive impact on the life expectancy of the system. The standard colour of this coating is white and dark-grey. Other colours are available upon request.

Teknotan ECUV_E

Teknotan UV_E

Can be subjected to foot traffic.
Excellent adhesion to various substrates.
Excellent thermal stability and UV radiation resistance.
10 year insured warranty upon request.