IKOtrim L 100/60G are profiles developed for use in conjunction with IKO Polimar liquid waterproofing membranes. The primary use of L100/60 is a very effective means of terminating liquid membranes on a drip edge where water needs to run off, often into a gutter. The membrane can be terminated at either the top or the bottoms of the face.


IKOtrim L 10060G have a very low coefficient of thermal expansion minimising the problem of roof membranes tearing at the trim joints. The GRP composition of IKOtrim is highly resistant to atmospheric corrosion, making the product maintenance free. KOtrim is unaffected by temperatures of hot mastic and liquid bitumen.

  • For use with IKO Polimar liquid waterproofing products
  • Simple to install
  • Neat drip edge detail
  • Will not corrode, rust or dent
  • U.V protected
  • Maintenance free
  • External and internal angles available
  • Simple to handle, work and install
  • Neat unobtrusive appearance
  • Negligible coefficient of expansion, eliminating problem of membranes tearing at the trim joint.

Pre-formed corners eliminate the need for on-site mitre cutting. They also ensure a neat, accurate and watertight detail at any change in roof edge direction.

IKOtrim (Grey): Internal angle (Grey): External angle (Grey):
GRP Drip Edge Internal corner External Corner
100x60mm, 3m length  240x240mm (90° angle)  240x240mm (90° angle)