Heavy Duty Mastic Asphalt Flooring – Floorstar H

Heavy duty mastic asphalt flooring

Heavy duty mastic asphalt flooring is manufactured in accordance with BS 6925: 1988 Type F 1076/2/11/B, and is ideal for use in the following locations:

– Heavy duty industrial factory floors*
– Internal loading sheds
– Breweries**

*The term ‘heavy industrial’ refers to floors subjected to mechanical trucks, trolleys, severe abrasion, heavy standing loads and floors subjected to impact. Floorstar H is ideal for situations such as heavy engineering works, warehouses and most types of factory premises. The surface of the mastic asphalt flooring is usually sand rubbed to give a non-slip finish.

**As varying conditions may be present in breweries, such as rapid temperature changes, washing with acidic detergent etc, please contact IKO Technical Services for further guidance.

With this system, Floorstar H is typically laid in one coat to a thickness of 30-50mm.

IKO Product Code: 4201