British Standard Mastic Asphalt for Flooring
(Limestone Aggregate) to BS 6925:1988 Type F, 1076

Although Kitemarked and covered by BSI certification, IKO's mastic asphalt flooring grades are manufactured to within much narrower requirements than those set out in the British Standard specification.

Specification Options:

Special Hard Flooring - Floorstar S
BS 6925: 1988 Type F 1076/2/1
Typical Applications:
 - Hospital wards
 - Schools
 - Shop floors to take movable racks
 - Offices
 - Domestic floors
 - Showrooms
Light Duty Flooring - Floorstar L
BS 6925: 1988 Type F 1076/2/11/B

Typical Applications:
 - Underlays for other floor coverings
 - Shop floors to take fixed racks
 - Light assembly factory floors (foot traffic)
 - Domestic floors

Medium Duty Flooring - Floorstar M 
BS 6925: 1988 Type F 1076/2/111/B

Typical Applications:
 - Medium duty industrial factory floors
 - Heavily foot-trafficked floors
 - Hospital corridors
 - Heated sports halls
 - Car showrooms

Heavy Duty Flooring - Floorstar H
BS 6925: 1988 Type F 1076/2/1V/B

Typical Applications:
 - Heavy duty industrial factory floors
 - Internal loading sheds
 - Breweries


N.B. Grades L, M and H are also available with 25% Trinidad Lake Asphalt which provides improved laying properties.

Special Grades

IKO also manufactures specialist grade products to meet the most demanding of conditions.


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