Special Hard Mastic Asphalt Flooring – Floorstar S

Special hard mastic asphalt flooring

Special hard mastic asphalt flooring is manufactured in accordance with BS 6925: 1988 Type F 1076/2/1, and is ideal for use in the following locations:

– Hospital wards
– Schools
– Shop floors to take movable racks
– Offices
– Domestic floors*
– Showrooms**

*For domestic floors mastic asphalt flooring may be used as a finished floor but as it is affected by fats, grease and vegetable oils it is intended only as an underlay to carpets, tiles etc. in kitchens.

**For commercial showrooms subject to rapid changes of temperature (e.g. areas with large sliding doors), it is important that the specifier should contact IKO Technical Services.

With this system, Floorstar S is typically laid in one coat to a thickness of 15-20mm. The surface can either be sand-rubbed or natural float finished.

IKO Product Code: 4200