Mastic asphalt flooring at Imperial War Museum

Special Grades

IKO also manufactures a number of specialist grade products within the Floorstar Range to meet the most demanding of conditions:

Acid & Chemical Resistant Asphalts can be manufactured to withstand certain acids and other chemicals (details of the chemicals, their concentrations and working temperatures must be provided).

Cold Storage – special asphalts are available to suit the conditions found in cold rooms and refrigerators.

Gritless Asphalt Grades can be supplied for flooring in factories where explosives are handled and the use of a spark-proof material is essential.

Flooring for Unheated Building – Many internal floor areas are found in buildings that are unheated or subject to rapid changes in temperature e.g. sports halls and warehouses. For these applications special flooring/paving grades are available which are less sensitive to temperature variations.

Insulated Flooring – Rigid Foamglass T4 can be laid below mastic asphalt flooring to give an insulated floor.

For Suspended Floors where a wet process is used, two coats of mastic asphalt are normally necessary. The first coat is to be laid as a 10-13mm thick waterproof membrane (Roofstar or Tankstar) with a subsequent wearing surface of Floorstar L M H or S according to the type of traffic.

Mastic asphalt suspended flooring

Mastic Asphalt System for Suspended Floors (Wet Process)

For further guidance on the specification or use of special floor grades of mastic asphalt, please contact IKO Technical Services.