British Standard Mastic Asphalt for Tanking
(Limestone Aggregate) to BS 6925:1988 Type T, 1097

Although Kitemarked and covered by BSI certification, IKO's mastic asphalt tanking grades are manufactured to within much narrower requirements than those set out in the British Standard specification.

Specification Options:

Basic Grade Tanking - Tankstar B
BS 6925: 1988 Type T 1097/1/B

Tankstar B is a basic tanking grade of asphalt, with an asphaltic cement composition of 100% bitumen. This system provides proven performance at an economic price.

High Performance Tanking - Tankstar T
BS 6925: 1988 Type T 1097/1/T25

The formulation of Tankstar T is similar to that of Tankstar B, but with the addition of 25% Trinidad Lake asphalt. This gives the product improved laying qualities and greater thermal stability.

Typical Internal Mastic Asphalt Tanking with Brickwork Loading Coat

Special Grades

IKO PLC also manufactures an Acid Resisting Grade of mastic asphalt tanking for situations where contact with acidic substances would occur. Please contact our Technical Services Department for more information.


Health & Safety

Tankstar MSDS