IKO Solar X-Mount product is a unique solar mounting system designed specially for flat roofs of big buildings. It is ideal for use on any virtually any waterproofing system and requires no roof penetrations or ballast during installation

IKO Solar X-Mount system offers good flexibility - not only in terms of the choice of waterproofing beneath, but also regarding dimensions of the crystalline PV panels that it can hold.

Features and Benefits
  • Suitable for use with virtually any crystalline PV panels (any length x width between 960mm-1060mm x depth between 34mm-50mm)
  • Certified to withstand a wind speed of 112 miles per hour
  • No roof penetrations needed, eliminating any damage to waterproofing
  • Lightweight and suitable for use on almost any roof structure
  • Aesthetics- flush modules in the mount give an integrated appearance
  • Easy to install - eliminates time spent on building work and disruption
  • Interlocking - ensures the complete solar array is one assembled 'block'
  • Edge covering and interlocking ensures safety in high winds
  • Easy to disassemble so repairs and roof maintenance can be carried out
  • Mounting structure is made from recycled materials
  • UV stable with long life expectancy - durable for 20 years.
  • Increased R-Value.
  • 10 degree sloped angle for higher power output and cleaner array.
  • Pressure equalisation vents at the top of the X-Mount system ensure stability at high wind, air circulation and module cooling.
The IKO Solar X-Mount Photovoltaic Energy Roof


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