IKO Spectradek is a single component, factory pre-engineered roof deck, comprised of a high performance single ply TPE waterproofing membrane with insulation and a trapezoidal steel deck.

IKO Spectradek is suitable for both flat and pitched roofs above 1:80 (0.72°) after deflection, and is also suitable for curved roof applications with a convex curve (45m radius) or concave curve (50m radius). 

Features and Benefits
  • Latest polymer technology
  • Environmental benefits
  • No need for solvent cleaning or preparation of laps
  • High resistance to ageing
  • Non capillary construction - does not absorb moisture
  • Rapid, secure welding characteristics
  • Fast track installation
  • Full range of system accessories
  • Manufactured in the UK


General Brochures

IKO Polymeric Environmental Brochure

IKO Single Ply Design Guide

IKO Spectradek Brochure