Spectraplan SG120 is a 1.2mm thick, polyester scrim reinforced Thermoplastic Elastomeric (TPE) membrane for adhered applications onto both flat and sloping roofs. The membrane has a 50mm selvedge, and is backed with a 120g/m2 polyester fleece. It is suitable for both new build and refurbishment installations, and can be installed over most substructures, including profiled steel and timber.
Spectraplan SG120 is bonded to the deck using IKOpro Sprayfast FMA or Spectrabond Low Foaming PU Adhesive, and all overlaps are heat welded using suitable hot air welding equipment. The same TPE compound is used on the both upper and lower side, and fully encapsulates the polyester reinforcement ensuring optimum weld quality and excellent mechanical properties. Spectraplan may only be installed by trained operatives, and each project is monitored during installation and inspected on completion.

Spectraplan SG is an environmentally friendly product, containing no plasticisers, CFC/HCFCs, heavy metals or other ozone depleting substances.

Features and Benefits
  • BBA Approved (Certificate No 05/4203)
  • High resistance to ageing and UV exposure, ensures a long life expectancy
  • Exceptional mechanical properties
  • Elasticity of TPE, accommodates substructure movement
  • High strength bond to substrate using Spectrabond Low Foaming PU Adhesive
  • Reliable and secure seam welding
  • Membrane overlaps can be sealed at a broad range of welding temperatures
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Compatible with existing bitumen membranes, without the need for a separation layer
  • Membrane can easily be cleaned and repaired