The IKOrail range of guardrail edge protection systems is ideal for collective fall protection on flat roof areas.

IKOrail offers system solutions for different roof edge conditions and all systems are supplied in kit form, making them quick and simple to design and install. Systems comprise the minimum number of well-scoped components, facilitating ease of specification and ordering and the innovative modular design eliminates the need for costly on-site bending and welding.

All IKOrail systems are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are fully compliant with relevant legislation:

• BS EN 13374: 2004 Class A
• HSE INDG 284 “Working on roofs”
• HSG33 “Health and safety at work”
• BS6399: Part 2 1995 Wind code

Find out more about the range of IKOrail systems by clicking the links below:

Freestanding Guardrail System
This popular free-standing system is a non-penetrative edge   protection solution that relies upon a proven counterbalance weight rather than a mechanical fastener to provide the requisite stability. The system also includes a rubber pad that minimises the risk of damage to the underlying waterproofing layer.

Parapet Guardrail System
The Parapet Guardrail system uses a fully-adjustable bracket that clamps over the existing parapet wall, with the flexibility to accommodate a range of parapet wall widths. Further adjustment is provided by the sliding top riser, allowing the overall height of the top rail to be tailored to suit the project’s specific requirements.

 Topfix Guardrail System
The Topfix Guardrail system is simply mechanically secured to  the top of the wall or coping. The system is equally applicable to the provision of permanent edge protection solutions for stairwells, shafts and loading bays.  Options for fixing to metal roofing systems are available via the addition of the Guardrail Extended Base Plate.


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