The best solution for the insulation of floors using an ultra-thin PIR board: IKO enertherm KR ALU TG, edge strip and fastening rivets.

Lambda value = 0,023 W/(m.K)

IKO enertherm KR ALU TG vloer  is een 100 % CFK's, HCFK's of HFK's -vrije isolatieplaat met een kern uit hard polyisocyanuraat schuim, bekleed aan beide zijden met een meerlaags gasdicht aluminium complex.

Finishing: Ultra Fit - Air Lock:
To prevent thermal leaks the sides of the boards are finished with the Ultra Fit - Air Lock technology(TG).

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IKO enertherm KR ALU TG

IKO enertherm KR ALU: Floor heating, with KR ALU facer with a grid

• Exceptionally dimensionally stable.
• Grid as a reference for floor heating.
• Insensitive to moisture.
• Tongue and groove (TG) connections prevent thermal bridges and ensure perfect sealing.
• Almost 40% thinner than mineral wool, XPS or EPS for the same R value.
• Ultra-light and particularly handy format.
• Very easy to install.