For use over Supertherm XPS Inverted Roof Insulation Systems

Supertherm Separating Layer is a spun bonded polyethylene geotextile membrane for use on inverted roofs. Where insulation is placed above the waterproofing layer, it is usually necessary to allow for a 20% increase in the insulation thickness due to the effect of rainwater cooling. However, this can be reduced to only 2% with the insertion of the waterproof Supertherm Separating Layer over the Supertherm XPS insulation.

Supertherm Separating Layer is waterproof, but at the same time water vapour permeable. It replaces the usual porous separating layer laid between the insulation and ballast. Rainwater is prevented from reaching the waterproofing layer, thereby almost completely eliminating the rainwater cooling effect.

The addition of the Supertherm Separating Layer allows the specifier to easily achieve the required U-values with a minimum thickness of insulation.

Features and Benefits

  •  Water vapour permeable
  •  Water resistant
  •  Tear resistant
  •  UV stable and can be left exposed outdoors for up to four months
  •  Fire melts and shrinks away from a heat source (unclassifiable as regards Building Regulations)
  •  Lightweight and easy to handle
  •  Temperature retains flexibility and toughness down to minus 73°C, melting point 135°C