Training and advanced skills training courses for professional roofers covering Bituminous, Single Ply PVC and Liquid Waterproofing Systems.



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IKO aims to develop low-energy and ecologically sound roofing products and systems. On the basis of this mission, and applied to the IKO product range, we developed a training programme incorporating the various Polimar (Liquid) systems.

Liquid waterproofing
- What is a liquid waterproofing system?
- What are the advantages of a liquid waterproofing system?
- For which applications is a liquid waterproofing system ideal?
- Polimar EC/UV: liquid waterproofing system for the roof

Practical session:
- Correct preparation of the substrate
- Correct waterproofing of the roof surface
- Correct waterproofing of roof details, such as roof flashing, a drain, an inner and outer corner


IKO offers a vast range of Bituminous felt products which are widley used in the Irish market.

In the training course outlined below, the placement of bituminous roofing sheets is discussed and practiced in detail.

- Heat-reflecting ecological roof covering
- +30 years proven durability
- EN13501 graphite technology
- Air-purifying Air Care Technology

Practical session:
- Installation of a 2-layer bituminous waterproofing system with Polygum Carrara
- Carrying out roof details correctly, i.e. an inner corner, an outer corner, a downpipe and a roof lead-through
- Placement tips and tricks

With IKO Armourplan Single Ply PVC, IKO has developed a waterproofing system for flat  and pitched roofs, consisting of a high-quality pvc. This system has the following advantages: it can be walked on without requiring an additional protective layer, excellent bonding on various substrates (fleece backed option), excellent thermal stability and UV radiation resistance.

The Armourplan waterproofing course highlights the benefits of this system and the Various Armourplan systems for roof details, balconies and terraces in detail.

- What is a Single Ply PVC?
- What are the advantages of a Single Ply waterproofing system?
- For which applications is a Single Ply pvc system ideal?
- Armourplan: Single Ply waterproofing system for the roof

Practical session:
For each of the specified systems:
- Correct preparation of the substrate
- Correct waterproofing of the surface
- Correct waterproofing of the details
– Finishing options