Tackling weeds and controlling the extent to which they spread is a key area to consider when creating a new garden building, as well as maintaining your garden.

IKO offer fabrics which will help control weeds and also stabilise surfaces to protect the grass and soil beneath whilst allowing drainage and ventilation.

Weed Control

IKOTEX is suitable for everyday applications, such as weed control under decorative bark, chippings, stone or gravel. It is extremely easy to apply and offers cost-effective, reliable protection. IKOTEX is not suitable for use under turf.
Stabilising Patios, Pathways and Drives

IKOTEX Ultra is suitable for use as reinforcement for paths, patios and driveways. It can also be used to protect sand, grass and other sensitive areas from pollution, or to separate layers of soil in garden pots. It provides good protection for drainage systems and as such can also be used to help insulate garden ponds.

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