IKO Garage Felt is ideal for use on garages and larger non-inhabited outbuildings where a longer lasting built up felt roofing system is required.

The system is suitable for both the refurbishment of existing roofs and for new roof works.

For use on garages, garden buildings or workshops and also for high quality protection for sheds, playhouses, kennels and hutches.

IKO Garage Felts consist of two products to create a roofing system: Garage-Underlay

IKO 10m Garage Felt Underlay is a traditional sanded roofing felt for use as an underlay beneath the top sheet. The underlay is important because it provides extra protection from water penetration and extends the lifetime of the waterproofing.

IKO 8m Garage Felt Top Sheet is a green mineral finished roofing felt for use as a top sheet above the underlay.

The IKO Garage Felts are expected to last up to 10 years, when installed together as a 2-layer roof waterproofing system.
Packaged in blue wrappers with full instructions.
How much garage felt do I need?

A 20m2 roof area will require:
Garage Felt Underlay 3 rolls
Garage Felt Top Sheet 4 rolls

Additional products
20 litres roofing felt adhesive
(if nailing underlay and bonding top sheet)

30 litres roofing felt adhesive
(if bonding both underlay and top sheet)