Hydrotorch is a polyester based, sand surfaced torch-on cap sheet, coated with an APP modified bitumen coating. The membrane is reinforced with stabilised non-woven polyester, providing exceptional mechanical strength and dimensional stability.

The upper surface is finished with white calibrated washed sand and the lower surface is finished with a thermo fusible film with water patterning structure, making application fast and secure. A 75mm sacrificial selvedge facilitates bonding of side laps. Hydrotorch provides reliable and effective flat roof waterproofing, combining the qualities of excellent performance, good handling characteristics and economy. The product can be applied as cap sheet in a multi-layer waterproofing system or as an overlay to existing asphalt or selected bitumen membranes.Hydrotorch

Feature & Benefits
  • Specially formulated APP modified bitumen coating
  • Tough polyester base for membrane strength and durability
  • Excellent puncture resistance against trafficking during work operations
  • Low temperature flexibility to -10°C
  • Rapid melt sacrificial backing speeds torching application
  • Good resistance to foot marking
  • 15 year materials guarantee


Product Technical Data Sheet

Hydrotorch TDS

Product Declaration of Performance

Hydrotorch DOP