A high performing waterproofing membrane consisting of straight run bitumen heavily modified with APP modified Bitumen and reinforced with non-woven polyester.

The top surface is finished with a mechanically rolled dark/grey coloured slate layer offering excellent bonding with PP film on the 8 cm overlap.The underside finished with a profiled thermofusible film which rapidly melts during the torching operation. 

Imperial Black is intended for use as part of a torch-applied built up roofing system for flat and sloping roofs. It is ideal for both new roofs and the repair of existing felt and asphalt roofs.

Feature & Benefits
  • Specially formulated APP modified bitumen coating
  • Tough polyester base for membrane strength and durabilitymineral torch on
  • Excellent puncture resistance during work operations
  • Low temperature flexibility to -8°C
  • Rapid melt sacrificial backing speeds torching application
  • Mineral finish offering excellent UV protection.
  • 10 year materials guarantee


Product Technical Data Sheet

Imperial Black TDS