IKO produces a wide range of products for use on pitched roofs; these include underslating membranes, roofing shingles and bituminous roofing products.

Underslating Membranes are primarily to be installed below tiles, slates or metal roofing, providing a secondary barrier against wind driven rain, snow and dust.

Historically, underslatings were hessian reinforced bitumen membranes.  These are still available from IKO but they are now consideredPitched-Roof-Top-banner-copyunsuitable for modern warm roof or unventilated cold roof applications.

Therefore you can choose from the latest textile technologies such as breathable and non-breathable membranes as well the traditional undertile (type 1F) felt.

IKO is also a world leader in the manufacture of roofing shingles. They make the ideal roofing solution – attractive, easy to install and perfect for use on a range of buildings.

In addition IKO offer a range of high quality bituminous corrugated sheets manufactured using the latest production techniques.

Pitched roof membranes must be installed in acccordance with IKO fixing instructions and the relevant clauses of BS5534:2003 Code of Practice for slating and tiling of roofs and BS 8000 Part 6: 1990 Workmanship on building sites – Codes of Practice for slating and tiling of roofs and cladding