Rubershield Eco is a IAB/BBA certified breathable (vapour permeable) underlay for use in warm non-ventilated and cold ventilated roofs. It is especially suitable for use in supported warm roof specifications where the insulation is located along the rafter line.

Rubershield Eco is a thermally bonded UV stabilised laminate incorporating a vapour permeable film. The product resists penetration by liquid water yet allows the passage of water vapour. Rubershield Trade will be virtually unaffected by normal conditions found in the roof space and will have a life comparable with that of the roof covering.

Features and Benefits
  • Clean to use and easy to cut
  • Cost-effective, economical breather membraneRubershield Eco
  • Breathable - suitable for both warm and cold applications
  • Flexible - even at low temperatures
  • Grid markings for quick and accurate cutting
  • BBA Approved - Certificate No.15/5190


BBA Certificate and Technical Data Sheet

IKO Rubershield BBA certificate & TDS

Rubershield IAB Certificate

Technical Data For Timber Frame Construction

IKO Rubershield timber frame construction

Roofers Guide to Pitched Roofing

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