Non-breathable membranes are suitable for use as an unsupported underlay in traditionally ventilated cold tiles or slated pitched roofs.  They may also be used as an underlay supported by boarded sarking.

Manufactured using the latest textile technology, non-breathable membranes are the modern alternative to traditional underslating felt.

IKO Pitched Roof Underlay is a BBA certified, lightweight high performance underlay for pitched tiled and slated roofs, ventilated in accordance with BS 5534: 2003.

Installed in the same manner as conventional tile and slate underlays, IKO Pitched Roof Underlay prevents the ingress of wind-blown dust, rain and snow into the roof void.

The lightweight fabric type construction makes it clean and easy to handle, and the option of a high coverage roll size allows rapid installation.

IKO Pitched Roof Underlay is a three-layer construction, comprising two UV stabilised, high tensile polypropylene fabric layers fused together by a combination of heat and pressure, around an impervious polypropylene film.

The membrane is dark grey in colour and printed on the topside with a special grid pattern, to assist cutting and reduce wastage.

Features and benefits 

• Clean and easy to handle
• High tensile and tear strength
• Durable
• For use in ventilated cold roofs
• UV resistant
• Convenient roll lengths - 45m and 15m option
• BBA Approved - Certificate No. 10/4721


BBA Certificates

IKO Pitched Non Breather BBA

Technical Datasheets

IKO Pitched Roof Underlay TDS