Easy-Melt is a high grade bonding bitumen, supplied in easy to handle 10kg shrink wrapped blocks. Easy-Melt combines the benefits of a high quality bonding bitumen, with the greater efficiency, safer handling and reduced waste that comes from this convenient package.

Easy-Melt bitumen is simple to use, as the blocks are just broken into pieces and placed straight into the bitumen boiler, including the polyethylene wrapper. There is no packaging to dispose of. As with all bonding bitumen, do not heat Easy-Melt above 220°C and do not store at elevated temperatures for extended periods.

Features and Benefitsbitumen block
  • High quality general purpose hot bonding bitumen
  • Melt away packaging less waste to clear up
  • Easy to use 10kg shrink wrapped blocks
  • Safer to use - almost half the weight of conventional keg bitumen
  • Environmentally friendly - no wrapper to remove and dispose of
  • Economical to stack and store requires less room than conventional kegs
  • Heated in a standard bitumen boiler
  • Requires less heat to achieve usage temperature


Technical Data Sheets

Easy-Melt-Bonding-Bitumen TDS