IKOpro Synthaprufe LAC is a high performance waterproofing liquid used as a damp proof membrane and water-repellent coating. It forms a flexible membrane when cured and provides an effective barrier to water and water vapour.

Synthaprufe LAC is easy to apply and is suitable for use in the most demanding site locations. A cold-applied liquid asphaltic compound, containing synthetic rubber latex which, once applied, dries to provide a waterproof and vapour resistant black, flexible film. When suitably protected, Synthaprufe LAC will be effective throughout the life of the building.

Features and Benefits     
  • Bonds with great strength to a range of building materials
  • BBA Certified, no. 98/3454
  • Suitable for waterproofing of foundations, retaining walls, abutments, steel columns, beams, lintels and structures where cladding is to form the outer leaf
  • Completely waterproof, forms a seamless membrane
  • Excellent resistance to sulphates and other soil salts
  • Cold-applied, easy to apply
  • Flexible - withstands normal building movement
  • Compatible, when cured, with all Hyload High Performance DPCs
  • Available in 5L & 25L cans