IKOflash-(5)IKOpro Stickall is a dense elastomer modified bituminous sealing glue that remains plastic under normal temperatures and adheres well to most building surfaces, including wet surfaces. IKOpro Stickall has good UV stability and resistance to sagging at high temperatures.

Typical Uses
  • Used to seal cracks and blisters on felt roofs
  • As a sealant along the edges of ridge tiles
  • Between laps or around bolt holes on sheeted roofs
  • Around roof lights and for the repair of gutters
  • Finishing mastic for sealing of rainwater pipes, chimneys, all sorts of roof penetrations
  • Cold applied adhesive for additional bonding of bituminous shingles
  • Sealing corrugated sheet accessories
  • High permanent adhesive strength when used with building materials such as bituminous surfaces, wood, metals, stone, plastics and concrete