Plasdrain Drainage Mats - Lightweight, Cost-effective Composite Drainage SystemPlasdrain drainage mats offer a modern alternative to traditional drainage methods. They are lightweight, easy to install and provide long lasting performance, even in the most demanding environments. Plasdrain products also provide the necessary compressive strength and the correct drainage properties to help increase the longevity and performance of podium and plinth installations. Plasdrain is available in a range of 3 core thickness to suit individual project requirements.


Plasdrain drainage mats are manufactured from a three dimensional polymer core with a geotextile filter bonded to one side, creating a highly effective drainage void. The geotextiel filter fabric prevents penetration of the drain by unwanted sand / soils etc which can cause blockages. The impermeable core prevents water from reaching the structure being protected.

Plasdrain Drainage Mats - Composition