DPC FixingHyload DPC Accessories consist of a range of products for jointing, supporting and fixing DPC cavity trays and preformed cloak units and which are required to make up the complete damp proof course system.

Product range includes:

Hyload Copeclose

Is a tough flexible polymeric cavity closure ideal for closing cavities and supporting Hyload High Peformance DPC’s below copings and parapets.

IKOpro SA Bitumen Primer

Is a rubber-modified bituminous priming solution designed to seal and prepare surfaces for the application of self-adhesive roofing and waterproofing systems.

Hyload Mastics & Adhesives

Is a dense elastomer modified bituminous sealing glue that adheres well to most building surfaces, including wet surfaces
Hyload DPC Jointing Tape
Hyload DPC Lap Adhesive
Hyload DPC Fixing Strip
Hyload DPC Fixing Pins for Masonry & Hyload DPC Fixing Pins For Insulation
Hyload DPC Mastic