All Hyload structural waterproofing products offer radon protectionThe Hyload Gastite system offers a solution to the problem of protecting buildings against ground gas infiltration. It provides protection in load bearing situations either horizontally or as a cavity tray, thereby preventing gas ingress via the wall construction.

Integrity is ensured by using either Hyload Gastite LL (Loose laid) at ground level as a DPM or Hyload Tanking Membrane Gastite SA (self-adhesive), which can be used as a DPM or below ground as an internally or externally applied tanking membrane.

Protection against ground gases

Hyload Protection against ground gases

DPCs must project 5mm beyond the external face and must be bedded on both faces with mortar.

All joints between lengths of DPC, and DPC and Preformed Cloak Units must be lapped a minimum of 100mm and bonded with Hyload DPC Lap Adhesive or Hyload DPC Jointing Tape.

The cavity tray should step down or slope across the cavity not less than 150 mm towards the external leaf.

Insulation omitted for clarity.