Building Regulations require that proper precautions are taken to prevent danger to health when building on contaminated land.

Due to the limited availability of new building land, there are more and more incidences of building taking place on brownfield sites. Many of these areas are former industrial areas or sites previously used as landfill where land contamination is a serious cause for concern.

Hyload Gastite LL Trade is a loose laid damp proof membrane specifically designed to protect buildings structures against damp and common ground gases. Hyload Gastite LL Trade offers a safe solution for the protection of buildings against methane, radon and carbon dioxide, when installed in accordance with BRE Report: Construction of Buildings on Gas Contaminated Land.

Features and Benefits     
  • Flexible and easy to install
  • High resistance to puncturing
  • Low permeability to methane, radon and carbon dioxide
  • High levels of tear and impact resistance
  • Complementary tapes available: Hyload Gastite Double Sided Jointing Tape & Hyload Gastite Foil Backed Girth Jointing Tape