Preformed CloaksProtection against wind-driven rain is needed to waterproof any building. As most masonry is permeable, preformed cloaks and cavity trays are ideal for collecting water that has penetrated the outer skin, expelling it via ‘weep holes’.

Hyload – Standard Cloaks

Hyload preformed cloak units simplify the damp proofing of awkward junctions and eliminate leakage paths. They also enable swift installation, saving potential problems and costly remedial works on site.

Hyload – Special Cloaks

For complex architectural details, Hyload special cloaks can be provided from bespoke drawings through to on site delivery. Lift Pit Cloaks are also available as Special Cloaks through Ruberoid’s dedicated structural waterproofing technical services team.

BS 5628-3:2001 – section

Detailed three-dimensional drawings should be made of all junctions, steps, angles and stop ends, to enable fabrication either on or off site. Many common details cannot be formed satisfactorily on site, unless they are fabricated in lead. If materials other than lead are to be used in complex situations, then pre-formed cloaks should be specified, so as to restrict the site operation to simple jointing only.