Landscape-MembranesIKOtex Plus is a professional weed control fabric, made from high quality non-woven polypropylene. It is designed to provide long-lasting weed control, while also allowing air, water, liquid feed and nutrients to freely flow to the roots of plants.

IKOtex Plus offers high quality, versatile protection and is particularly suited for use under paths, patios, decking, block paving, soft landscaping and turf.

It also acts as an effective weed suppressant in borders when covered with a layer of mulch. IKOtex Plus is chemically inert and is completely harmless to children, pets and the environment.

Features and Benefits

• Long lasting control of weed growth
• Encourages free flow of air, water, nutrients and gases
• Dramatically reduced maintenance required in both hard and soft landscapes
• Environmentally friendly and free from harmful chemicals
• Ideally suited for use under gravel paths, decking and lightweight block paving


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CE Declaration of Performance IKOTEX Plus