Bituminous Membrane Systems Rooflights Polymeric Single Ply Systems Mastic Asphalt Systems Hot Melt Systems Photovoltaic Energy Roofs Cold Applied Liquid Systems Green Roof Systems Guard Rail Systems Pitched Roofing Systems Podium Deck Waterproofing Mastic Asphalt Flooring Car Park Systems Landscaping DPMs and Tanking Systems DPCs and Cavity Tray Systems Highways and Civil Engineering

Bituminous Membrane Systems

Complete range covering all product and application types including pour and roll, torch-on, single layer and self-adhesive


Polymeric Single Ply Systems

State of the art TPE and PVC single ply roofing systems and accessories


Mastic Asphalt Systems

Specially formulated polymer modified mastic asphalt systems for roofing, suitable for flat, sloped or curved surfaces


Hot Melt Systems

Tough, flexible, self-sealing membrane ideal for use in most protected membrane roofs, such as inverted or paved roof areas


Photovoltaic Energy Roofs

Range of renewable PV energy systems to perfectly complement IKO's waterproofing portfolio


Cold Applied Liquid Systems

Solutions and compounds for repair and renovation through to high performance waterproofing systems for roofing, cladding and balconies


Green Roof Systems

Innovative roof garden systems, including intensive, extensive and biodiverse options


Pitched Roofing Systems

Comprehensive range of underslating membranes and solutions for pitched roof protection


Podium Deck Waterproofing

Hot melt waterproofing solution, ideal for use over undercroft car parks to retail and residential buildings


Mastic Asphalt Flooring

High performance flooring solutions, from light domestic use through to heavy industrial duty


Car Park Systems

Waterproofing and surfacing systems for car parks, pedestrian walkways, HGV service decks and access ramps



Geotextiles and geomembranes to suit a wide range of domestic and industrial applications


DPMs and Tanking Systems

High performance range of damp proof membranes and below ground tanking solutions


DPCs and Cavity Tray Systems

Complete family of products to meet all building regulations, including damp proof courses, cavity closures, preformed and special cloak units


Highways and Civil Engineering

Advanced bituminous systems for highways reinstatement, crack repair and bidge deck expansion joints



High performance rooflight options including polycarbonate domes, monopitch, pyramid, ridgelights, and tubular skylights.


Guard Rail Systems

IKOrail edge protection systems, ideal for collective fall protection on flat roofs.


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