Highly effective yet surprisingly cost-effective, Polimar FCS is an advanced, seamless waterproofing system designed to give up to 10 years’ guaranteed protection.

It consists of several layers: a primer, a low odour waterproofing layer, a reinforcement fleece, a 3mm self-levelling wear course with slip-resistant aggregate, a sealing coat and a heavy-duty abrasion and skid-resistant layer.

Flexible, fast curing and highly durable, the system is liquid applied and has a high bonding strength to virtually any substrate, allowing breakthroughs and upstands to be integrated securely - especially useful on refurbishment projects.

Features and Benefits
  • Seamless waterproofing option
  • Ideal for when speed of installation is essential and the car park needs to be returned to service as quickly as possible
  • Aesthetically pleasing finish with creative colour options
  • Fully cold applied
  • Lightweight waterproofing system
  • Fully bonded to substrate, eliminating flow paths for water
  • Permanently flexible and crack-bridging even in sub-zero temperatures
  • Resists weather, UV rays, hydrolysis and most common acid and alkali solutions
  • Easy and fast application, curing in 20 minutes
Polimar FCS System Build-Up

IKO Polimar FCS Health & Safety Datasheets

IKO PLC has a full range of Health & Safety data sheets for each component of the Polimar FCS Balcony & Walkway System.  Click here to access the information.