Engineered Membranes, Manufactured in the UK

IKO is able to offer a complete range of reinforced bitumen membrane systems, carefully developed to provide the optimum combination of performance and cost for every application. Our market-leading range is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the market and covers all product and application types including pour and roll, torch-on, single layer and complete self-adhesive membrane systems.

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There are roofing systems and there’s new UPXL from IKO. With UPXL, we’ve selected only the very best components, materials and technology to create a premium system capable of offering extra durability, extra reliability and extra peace of mind.


The latest generation of elastomeric reinforced bitumen roofing membranes. These systems contain Ultra prevENt graphite technology to give the highest fire performance without affecting performance.


Robust, flame-free, single layer roofing system with added fire-retardancy. Mach One can be mechanically fastened, ballasted or bonded with polyurethane adhesive.