Hi-tec roofing systems with the highest degree of fire resistance. Optimal security for man and the environment.

When developing the new generation of fire-retardant modified bituminous roofing membranes, we resolutely chose the hard road to innovation, keeping the following objectives in mind:

1. Exclude the use of toxic fire retardants in the bituminous coating.
2. Fully conform to the 4 European standards for spread of flame on the roof.
3. Generate an improvement in secondary burning effects, such as smoke density, toxic gases and halogen-free execution.
4. Offer a guarantee that the fire-resistant characteristics will be maintained during the entire life span of the roof.

Focusing on these objectives, we developed the Prevent concept for the top membranes Polygum Prevent 250, Polygum Prevent Carrara, Polygum Prevent Quadra.

The Polygum PrevENt roofing systems conform to the 4 European standards and tests with respect to resistance to flying embers

Resistance to flying embers
The origin of a fire can be internal as well as external.Particularly when the fire is caused by an external factor, such as flying embers, it is possible to offer protection against spreading with a roof constructed according to quality specifications that stops or slows down the fire. This type of protection is called Resistance to flying embers.

Resistance classification
The four different testing methods selected under the European legislation are not equivalent. Although there are some similarities in approach, there are also important dissimilarities. For example, a roofing membrane that only conforms to the Broof (t1) will not conform to the other tests.


Broof (t1, t2, t3, t4)

Optimising the secondary burning effects. 


Polygum prevENt is first of all a security concept that optimises the safety of people in case of evacuation and intervention due to a fire.

  • Very low smoke density
  • The low CO content suppresses harmful smoke components
  • No harmful smoke components since it is halogen-free
  • Limited dripping of flame
  • Controlled thermal radiation

We entirely guarantee the waterproofing capacity and expected life span of the roofing membrane, since the reinforcement and coating remain unchanged in the fire-resistance concept.