Armourgum 3mm Underlay

Armourgum high performance roofing systems comprise a family of membranes. The products are
specially designed for torch application – using APP modified bitumen coatings to provide ideal torching characteristics coupled with a high degree of flexibility.
Torch-on materials are often chosen for repair/refurbishment work, overlaying the existing roofing, e.g.asphalt. No hot bitumen and associated plant are required, and for many contracts, the speed of contract is faster than pour and roll techniques.armrougum 3mm

Benefits of Armourgum:
• Torch-on application
• Tough polyester base
• APP modified bitumen coating
• Track record of proven performance

Armourgum torch-applied membranes should be installed in accordance with BS 8217: 2005, Code of Practice for built up roofing and to Ruberoid's specifications.
Armourgum application should follow the recommended good practices for torch-applied membranes. Care must be taken when using Armourgum in close promixity to combustible materials, decorative coatings and heat sensitive materials.

Apply Armourgum by melting the heat dispersible backing and coating to create a molten flow in front of the roll. The flame of the torch should be applied at the low point where the roll meets the substrate or underlay. As the film and bitumen melt, roll the roofing forward. A bead of bitumen must exude from all lap joints to ensure to seal.


Technical Data Sheets

Armourgum 3mm PDS Dec 10