Quadra Rock KSK

This Self adhesive roofing membrane consists of an impregnated polyester reinforcement, coated on both sides with flexible coating bitumen and under side with a built-in vapour diffusion layer based on diamond-shaped profiled self adhesive SBS modified bitumen.
• The polyester carrier has a high mechanical strength and is accessible during operation
• The build-in vapour diffusion layer is based on diamond-shaped profiled plots consisting of self adhesive SBS modified bitumen. The adhesive surface underneath is about 40%, so that the ideal relation between wind resistance and vapour pressure exposure is achieved. The optimal vapour pressure diffusion is achieved by the broad, diagonal canal structure of the non-faced reinforcement.
• The under side is covered with diamonds of self-adhesive SBS modified bitumen, which guarantees
an immediate and high bonding to the supporting substrate.
• The topside is finished with quarts mineral and a removable silicon foil of 8 cm at the side lap area.
This guarantees fast and secures water tightness.
• The under side is finished with a removable silicon foil. 

Used as self-adhesive vapour pressure diffusing under layer in a multi-layer roofing system. Firstly, can be used on substrates with enough delaminating resistance such as concrete, steel decks, plywood or existing bituminous membranes. First coat the surface with IKOpro Self Adhesive Primer.
Secondly, as a first layer on naked EPS; glass fibre or foil faced Polyisocyanurate (e.g. IKO enertherm MG or IKO enertherm ALU). The special composition of QUADRA ROCK KSK allows the insulation not to get damaged by transmission of heat during torching of the top layer.



Technical Data Sheets

IKO Quadra Rock KSK Technical Data Sheet