Polygum Turbo Rock

Polygum Turbo Rock is used either, as a vapour control layer, or an underlay when a partially bonded or diffusion layer is not required and at upstands and detail work. It is torched directly to the substrate and it is a non-woven polyester reinforced membrane coated with flexible coating bitumen. Designed as an underlay under Polygum Turbo Hi-Tec, it has a polyester reinforcement with high mechanical values, specially selected coating bitumen with great flexibility, low temperatures flexibility and excellent fluidity. The top surface has a thermofuseible film and a Turbo-profile, resulting in a 10% increased flame contact surface and a perfect adhesion with the Turbo-profile on the underside of the cap sheet The underside is finished with quartz mineral and a thermo fusible film on the welding strip. In addition to mechanical fixing, the quartz mineral also enables torching, cold adhesive bonding and bonding with hot bitumen. Rapid and safe joints are enabled by the thermo fusible film on the welding strip. Turbo Rock is 3mm thick, 10 metres long by 1 metre wide with a weight per roll of 35kg.

The material is reinforced with a non-woven polyester 180 g/m², has a coating mass of flexible coating bitumen. Tensile strength (U.E.A.t.c.) longitudinal: 750 N transverse: 550 N, elongation at break (U.E.A.t.c.) longitudinal: 45 %, transverse: 45 %; permanent technical agreement (U.B.A.t.c.): ATG 1337 (Polygum)


Technical Data Sheets

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