Quadra Rock is a high performance partial bond underlay, with built in vapour diffusion layer and a thermofusible margin. It consists of a polyester/glass composite carrier coated with a flexible APP modified bitumen and finished with talc on the top surface. Quadra Rock allows a two layer refurbishment option, whereby the underlay has the built in vapour diffusion layer and a compatible APP modified torch applied cap sheet can be fully bonded over the top. Quadra Rock can be used with any APP modified torch-on cap sheet.

When installed correctly, Quadra Rock’s built-in vapour diffusion system allows moisture present within the existing roofing to equalise across the whole roof area, preventing blistering problems. The optimum vapour diffusion is ensured by the wide diagonal channels provided with an anti-adhesive finish. This also results in a bonding area to the substrate of approximately 40%, providing both good adhesion and excellent wind uplift resistance and vapour diffusion.

Features and Benefits
  • Cost-effective refurbishment underlay
  • Built-in ‘Diamond’ vapour diffusion system
  • Excellent adhesion to substrate
  • Prevents inter-system blistering
  • APP modified bitumen coating – low temperature flexibility to -18oC
  • Polyester / glass composite base with high tensile strength
  • Energy efficient torch or hot air application – uses less gas
  • Use with high performance cap sheet for 2 layer roofing system


Technical Datasheets

Quadra Rock Partial Bond Underlay TDS

Health & Safety Data

Bituminous Membranes MSDS

General Brochures

IKO BUFR Design Guide Jan-2014