Sealbase is a torch applied roofing membrane which comprises of a 50g/m² glass fibre base, coated with APP modified bitumen.
Finished with talc on the top and surfaced on the underside with flame dispersible polyethylene. Sealbase is an economic underlay which can also be used as a vapour check.Sealbase 2mm

Sealbase torch-applied should be installed in accordance with BS 8217: 2005, Code of Practice for built up roofing and to IKO specifications. Sealbase application should follow the recommended good practices for torch-applied membranes. Care must be taken when using Sealbase in close proximity to combustible materials, decorative coatings and heat sensitive

Apply Sealbase by melting the heat dispersible backing and coating to create a molten flow in front of the roll. The flame of the torch should be applied at the low point where the roll meets the substrate. As the film and bitumen melts, roll the roofing forward. A bead of bitumen must exude from all lap joints to ensure a seal. Vapour control layers should always marry up with the waterproofing system to ensure the insulation is enveloped at all times.

- thickness : 2 mm
- length : 10 m
- width : 1 m
- packaged : 36 rolls per pallet


Technical Data Sheets

IKO Sealbase PDS Jan 11