IKO Polimar is the high performance range of liquid applied roofing, cladding and balcony waterproofing systems. Polimar systems are extremely versatile, completely cold applied and can be specified to match the longevity of your project through a range of build-up options. Polimar is part of IKO's cold applied portfolio. Cold applied systems meet the demand for specifications offering higher resistance to fire and spread of flames.
Systems Features and Benefits
• Versatile• Durable
• Totally cold applied• Excellent bond
• Seamless and smooth finish• Performance guarantee
• Rapid, clean & flame free installation UV resistant accomodating cyclic thermal movement

Products...Suitable for....Characteristics...

Polimar EC/UV

Roof waterproofing

New & Refurbishment

20 or 15 Year System

BBA Certified

Polimar WG

Roof waterproofing

Suitable for use on mastic asphalt, bituminous felt, cement, concrete & metal surfaces

10 Year System

Flexible, & Multi-purpose system

Polimar Seal

Emergency roof waterproofing & repair

Can be applied to a wide range of substrates

5 Year System

Can be applied in all weather conditions

Polimar Glaze

Glass protection

Ideal for glass & plastic roof lights

Waterproofs & protects

Does not affect light transmission

Polimar CRS

Rejuvenation of external plastic coated, metal sheeting and cladding areas

Extensively used on industrial, commercial and leisure buildings

Durable & highly flexible

Choice of colours

Does not chalk

Polimar FCS
(Balcony & Walkways)

Balcony & walkway waterproofing

Balconies and walkways, vehicle ramps,    stairs, pedestrian ramps, parking bays,  driveways, railway platforms and cycle paths

Fast curing

Slip resistant     technology

Year round application

Polimar FCS
(Car Park)

 Multi-storey and single deck car parks
  Elevated vehicl decks
  Access ramps, turning circles, HGV Service decks
 Fast curing
  Year round application
  Heavy-duty wearing layer for vehicle and foot traffic


Polimar Ancillaries Products

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