IKO Polimar MC Primer is a high performance anti-corrosive epoxy coating designed for use as a versatile universal primer on a wide range of metal surfaces.


IKO Polimar MC comprises two components - IKO Polimar MC Base and IKO Polimar MC Activator, which must be mixed together before use. IKO Polimar MC is composed of high molecular weight epoxy resins and a range of fine inorganic
pigments and fillers combined with a specially formulated polyamine adduct which react together to produce an effective anticorrosive system with excellent adhesion to a wide range of metal surfaces.


IKO Polimar MC primer is supplied as two components which are mixed together. Once mixed, IKO Polimar MC primer can easily be applied by brush or roller.

  • Use MC Base 15ltr with MC Activator 5ltr
  • Or MC Base 3.75ltr with MC Activator 1.25ltr


Technical Datasheets

IKO Polimar MC TDS

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General Brochures

 IKO Polimar Brochure